A Former Drug Kingpin Describes How He Became A Stand-Up Comedian | EP. 28 | The Connect

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Johnny describes what it’s actually love being released from prison, the difficulties of navigating in the free world, and how he moved to Los Angeles after he was released to pursue his dream of being a stand-up comedian.

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0:00- Intro
01:01- The hardest days in prison
02:11- Being institutionalized
3:30- Prison is a routine
04:27- Inmates will try to stay in prison
05:28- Going to the hole for your protection
06:38- People are sad to see you getting out
07:08- My fellow inmates were happy I got out
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09:40- Early release and excellent time
12:20- My only goal was to make it out alive
14:06- Getting transferred to a minimum security
16:13- Being transported is hell
17:22- Minimum security is cool
19:00- The day I was released
21:00- Surreal being back in the free world
21:27- My father cried when I got out
23:00- I knew I had to change
24:24- I was forced to acquire a day job
26:45- I couldn’t relate to anyone
28:00- I had to acquire out of Portland
28:55- I moved to Los Angeles in 2012
29:57- Struggling in Hollywood
30:30- I moved some pounds to make ends meet
32:50- I went after my dreams as hard as my street dreams
33:12- Going back to do comedy in prison
34:17- Outro


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