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You’ve probably heard of the Instant Pot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But these simple & easy to follow recipes work with any pressure cooker! All pressure cookers work on the same, simple principle: Steam pressure.

Within the sealed pot, the steam builds up therein to a very high pressure, which helps food cook much faster than other traditional methods, such as with crock pots and or ovens!

Ever tried eating hot Dum biriyani early morning 4am? Does anyone even cook at that time?
Yes, not just one but there are a couple of eateries in Hosakote that serve hot dum mutton biriyani early morning. And there are a lot of food lovers waiting for the weekend to visit and experience Famous Hoskote Biriyani.

We picked Akshay Dum Biriyani Hoskote to try our first ever 4 am Hoskote Biriyani.
They begin at 2am to cook biriyani by 4am everything will be ready and you could see the crowd rushing and waiting in queue to taste the biriyani.

We also spoke to the hotel owner Raghu and joined hands in making awesome Dum biriyani to experience cooking food in bulk. Raghu explained us the ingredients they use to make biriyani who is serving for 16 years in the same put.

For most of the people biriyani is just not a word but an emotion. If you are a biriyani lover, do taste the biriyani once here and share your feedback.

Price of Hoskote Mutton Biriyani at Akshay Dum Biriyani is Rs 250/- for 1 put mutton biriyani
They also serve chicken leg piece along as complimentary (Only on Sundays)

Akshay Dum Biriyani Hoskote Location :

Monday Closed
Tuesday 6am–11pm
Wednesday 6am–11pm
Thursday 6am–11pm
Friday 6am–11pm
Saturday 6am–11pm
Sunday 4:30am–11pm

Mastan Vali customer of this put reviews this put as below:
One of the Best Mutton Biryani in Bangalore. I have been there many times the aroma of Mutton Biryani never changed. It’s worth the money and your time. Portion is full of mutton pieces and excellent quantity of rice and with perfectly cooked Mutton.

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