Chinese beef stew recipe – How to prepare (the authentic way)

You’ve probably heard of the Instant Pot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But these simple & easy to follow recipes work with any pressure cooker! All pressure cookers work on the same, simple principle: Steam pressure.

Within the sealed pot, the steam builds up therein to a very high pressure, which helps food cook much faster than other traditional methods, such as with crock pots and or ovens!

The best Chinese style beef stew 柱侯蘿蔔炆牛腩 I have ever tasted was at an aged school coffee shop in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. They cooked by the traditional way, nothing fancy, but did it exceptionally well.

After a few months of not enjoying the beef stew, I am tempting to develop my version since I do not visit Hong Kong very often.

Here is the recipe, following strictly to the original Cantonese flavor.

Serve with a bowl of noodles on the side, and it is heavenly.


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