Healthy Gluten-free Snacks, Sweets With Dates ( Amaranth Recipe)

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gluten free diwali snacks that will become a regular. one healthy amaranth recipe for diwali. what makes the oil free recipe with dates for diwali special?i will post more date recipes and date syrup recipe for diwali. this diwali recipe without oil, sugar , jaggery is a treat for everyone. i call these diwali snacks in no time because they are ready in a jiffy. the diwali sugar free sweet is a excellent treat for one and all. this diwali sweets recipes no sugar is crunchy to the core and you can munch on these diwali sweets with less oil and sugar. i love these amaranth paras as diwali treats. for gluten free and sugar free cake, check my jowar cake recipe with dates. you will love the gluten-free diwali sweets. healthy diwali recipes or healthy diwali snacks are here. how to make dates paste? i will post that too so you can enjoy oil free recipes for diwali that are sugar free jaggery free. the sugar free recipes here are amazingly delicious sweets for diwali with no oil.
Yummiest #glutenfreediwalisnsnacks and sweet recipe is here (baked) and I categorise it as one of my healthy recipes for diwali 2021. date is 4th November.
Diwali special burfi recipe
Crispy and crunchy amaranth crackers for diwali sweet treats.
Oil free, sugar free gluten free dates para with amaranth
Diwali is all about sweets, gupshup, gifts, rangoli, songs, lighting, and celebrations. Indians love the festival of lights for reasons galore. My love for Diwali goes back to the times I was born. In fact, we cherish diwali for the lights, with the diyas and the candles adding that glittering effect across the nature. Diwali hai to candles hai. In Odisha, the fervor around Diwali is not too strong. I do acquire nostalgic, thinking about the past.
But Diwali is also a time when we all love to indulge in sweet treats that come as a gift from friends and relatives. So when you don’t want to indulge in guilty treats, let’s experiment with something healthy. This amaranth para with dates as sweetener and coconut butter as fat is my answer to all of you who have been asking for a Gluten-Free, dairy -free, sugar-free para recipe.
When you don’t use dairy or oil in the recipe and depend solely on plant fat, you will acquire crunchy crackers that are a little hard to bite on. Nevertheless, I did not want to use any baking agents in this recipe too so the date para recipe pleases my inner self.
If you have already started preparing for Diwali and want to keep one on the go snack for those busy days before Diwali, then here’s one recipe to tinkle your taste buds. Call it a sweet dates recipe with amaranth and dates, this sweet treat without sugar, oil or jaggery will become an instant favorite even with those who crave only traditional sweets and can’t think beyond. Let’s augur excellent times by lighting diyas this #diwali and coloring our homes with Diwali rangoli. Of course, you can sing Diwali songs and enjoy the festivities too. Celebrate health, friends, and distribute healthy Diwali gifts and prepare healthy diwali crackers (edible). Can’t we just distribute Diwali greeting cards, healthy treats, and revel at our diwali decoration?
For anyone interested in Diwali decor ideas at home, my sister is incredible at making the best of waste. this amaranth para with dates as sweetener and coconut butter as fat is my answer to all of you who have been asking for a Gluten-Free, dairy -free, sugar-free para recipe.
1 cup amaranth
1/4 cup coconut butter (recipe
3 tbsp dates syrup or jaggery syrup
1 tbsp water
1/2 cup coconut flour (
how to make coconut desiccated
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