How to make The BEST Mexican Menudo Rojo Recipe

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Hello & welcome to the Views Kitchen, Today we will be showing you how to prepare Menudo Rojo 🍲 Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made with cow’s stomach (honeycomb tripe) in a chili broth. The recipe I’ll be showing you today is mild in spice and full of flavor. You can make this recipe with cow’s feet or pig’s trotter and the flavor although slightly different is guaranteed you have your Menudo lovers asking for seconds; You know how soft the foot gets amigos 😁. Just when you think this recipe can’t acquire any better, I’ll be showing you how to make a tasty bolillo (bread) toast that we all love to pair with our delicious soup. Now if you prefer menudo with a corn tortilla not to worry as you can always make it comfortable for your home. make sure not to go to heavy on your chiles as Menudo has a light chile broth, not thick love as Pozole friends; Keep it light. Please take the time to look at the list of ingredients and extra tips below, thank you for subscribing and liking our show.As always #viewsclub we love and adore you 💕 Stephanie and, Cloud
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Ingredients & Tips
4 liters of water (18 cups)
7 pounds of cow’s foot or Pork Feet (pig’s trotter)- Cook time will be the same
2 pounds of menudo surtido
2 pounds menudo casita/ Beef honeycomb tripe
2 pounds beef tendon (optional)
10 Guajillo chiles
2 ancho chiles
1 medium onion (or half big onion)
6 green onions
7 medium bay leaves
2 garlic bulbs
Hoja santa or epazote/ Piper auritum (optional as its difficult to come by in the states)
2 tbsp salt (Himalayan)

To clean tripe
1/2 Tbsp salt
2 limes
-you can sub limes for 1/4 cup white vinegar + salt- make sure to rise thoroughly

To clean beef foot
1 tablespoon salt

To clean tendon

Toppings& sides- finely chopped cilantro, white onion, limes, chiltepines, bolillo bread + butter or corn tortillas : )

1. Clean and remove all fat from tripe- let soak for 10 minutes -rinse thoroughly
-clean beef foot and tripe- rinse thoroughly
2. Add water to the pot and bring to a boil- continue boiling for 10 minutes- then remove impurities
3. Add salt, onion, garlic, and green onion-
-put a lid-Continue to boil for 2 1/2 hours on a low heat
4. Roast guajillo and ancho chiles- remove seeds- Boil chiles in a pot of water for 8 minutes till soft- Add 3 cups of Menudo broth from your pot to the blender- Add chiles and blend till smooth
5. Stain blended chiles to your broth- Add tripe and bay leaves
-put a lid- Continue boiling for 1 1/2 hours on low heat
6. If this is all the ingredients you enjoy in Menudo turn burner off- Add Oja Santa or Epazote (optional)- remove after 3 minutes
7. Rinse can of hominy and add to pot of boiling Menudo
-put a lid- Continue boiling for 20 to 30 minutes until hominy is soft and tender
8. Turn your stovetop off and add Oja Santa or Epazote (optional)- remove after 3 minutes
9. Boom Done! Ready to serve amigos 🍲
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