Nancy Pelosi Pushes Child on Camera and Gets Away With It!

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There are precious few things I find more reprehensible than a grown adult pushing a kid around. Pushing, shoving, elbowing; call it what you will. This occured when newly elected Texas GOP Congresswoman Mayra Flores was being sworn in. Nancy Pelosi did this at what SHOULD have been a happy occasion for Congresswoman Flores and her family!

I guess children of GOP families don’t count. The cat’s out of the bag now. We know that this whole “it’s all about the children” thing is nothing but a farce. Shame on you Nancy! Democrats or those on the left will make excuses for her and explain it away. Had this been a Conservative politician they would be asked to step down. Not Nancy Pelosi though. This is a shining example of liberal privilege!

There is humor injected here and there. It’s not to diminish the horribleness of it; it’s merely to lighten the mood. We need it in this country right now.

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he words I need assist saying: Garam Masala. Everyone helping filming called it something different! ha ha!

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