Palitaw Recipe (Filipino Rice Cake) | Glutinous Rice Flour Dessert | Gluten Free Recipes

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Palitaw Recipe (Filipino Rice Cake) | Glutinous Rice Flour Dessert | Gluten Free Recipes | Written Recipe:

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Shopping List:
Glutinous Rice Flour:
Coconut Milk:

Palitaw is a Filipino rice cake that’s cooked by boiling in water, and coated in a delicious sugar, coconut, and sesame seed mixture.

Palitaw is one of the many kakanin recipes that you can make at home — but what I love about palitaw is that it only takes about 1 minute to cook!

“Palitaw” means float or rise in Tagalog, and that’s probably because you’ll know the palitaw is cooked once it floats in the boiling water.

Typically the palitaw dough uses only water and glutinous rice flour, but I wanted to make it a little more exciting! The coconut milk adds a bit more coconut flavor, and the ube extract adds a little ube flavor and a beautiful purple color!

I hope you guys try this at home, because it REALLY is one of the quickest recipes to make!

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